Brewer Craftsman Academy-BCA

Phoenix, AZ

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Brewer University and the Brewer Craftsman Academy

This intensive hands-on training is unique compared to traditional college programs and their related career paths. Brewer University is selecting individuals who are being considered for a limited opportunity to become a cadet within the Craftsman Academy, with the goal to train you for a career as an Underground or Topout Specialist Installing Water Distribution Systems and Drain Waste & Ventilation (DWV) Installations. Upon successful completion of the course, Cadets will be given the opportunity to accept a full time career here with Brewer.

Brewer Enterprises, Inc. was established in 1990 by its founder and CEO Mike Brewer. Over its 30-year

existence, Brewer Enterprises has grown to become the largest residential construction plumbing

contractor in the State of Arizona. Today the Company is responsible for installing waste and water

distribution systems in nearly 6,000 homes each year.

Plumbing Services were added to the Company’s growing construction operations by launching

Arizona’s first Benjamin Franklin Plumbing franchise in 2004 and acquiring Brewer Commercial Services

in 2007. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing offers plumbing service and repair to home owners, while Brewer

Commercial Services offers both plumbing and hydro-jetting services to businesses that own and

operate hotels, restaurants, universities, golf courses and/or commercial buildings and structures.

Collectively, all three companies comprise the Brewer Companies (“Brewer”).

The Brewer mission is simply that “…We Support Living…,” and how we do that is “…All Things

Plumbing.” We settled on these simple phrases as they encompass, or represent, how we orient to the

world and fundamentally live as a society. The first one – we support living – refers to how we think

about our employees, our customers, and the world at large. We do this by providing a great place to

work, and building or maintaining people’s homes or “safe havens” – places that we raise our families in.

We do that by - all things plumbing - our society couldn’t exist in its current configuration, with the

millions of people that live in proximity to one another, without modern engineered systems that

effectively distribute water and carry away waste to prohibit disease within our society. It’s something

that the general public takes for granted, but we think is honorable work. Keeping the public safe is our

number one priority.

Fulfilling our mission is dependent on the design, planning, coordination and execution of passionate,

skilled, and committed men and women who work collectively towards common outcomes. As an

example, to effectively design and install water and waste systems, Plumbers must be knowledgeable in

water distribution, welding & soldering, reading blueprints, mechanical drawings, mathematics, physics

and local regulations & ordinances.

Eligibility Requirements

*  High school diploma or equivalent

*  Passion for learning and dedication to attend

Text the word breweracademy to 25000 for more information